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Best Smartphone for Video

Best smartphone for video. Smartphone camera has sucessfully changed the photography. Almost all of the smartphone now provides the camera. Not only a standard camera but the advance camera with its features that satisfy every users. Furthermore, camera does not function only as photography for taking picture, but now it may allow the users to make a good resolution of video. Yes! A video now can be made through both front and back camera that the users can use based on their needs.

As the camera has experiencing a very advance development, front camera is now completed by the excelences that can make the users satisfied in recording their selfs’ videos. It is then not surprisingly that the smartphones now compete to give a very advanced camera technology to be the best smartphone for video. In the early 2018, it is a good begining to be trying a new experience in our activity using our smartphone for making a video to share our ideas and opinion. It is also to keep our self to be the…

Best Smartphone for Music

Best Smartphone for music. For you the music lovers, did you know that nowadays there are 1500 genre of music? Some of them are familiar for us like rap, disco, classic, rock, jaz, pop and many others. Based on survey, in this technology era, most of people listen the music through the smartphone. There are many factors that smartphone is the best smartphone for music so that the music can be enjoyed through the smartphone. Approximately 11 components must be considered when we want to have best smartphone for music that all of them determine how the music can sound good in our ears.

There are many things that can influence the soft sound while listening music in gadget for example the Equalizer setting, headphone, and others. When a smartphone provides all of the components, it can make sure the smartphone is the best smartphone for music.
For the best smartphone for music, here are 4 most recommended smartphones that have all of the components. By the components, the musics listened…

Best Smartphone for Vlogging

Best smartphone for vlogging. Vlogging is a very fresh phenomenon in the smartphone camera technology. Vlogging, not v-logging is an acronyme of video blogging. If we have known about blog we will easily uderstand the meaning of vlog or vlogging. Have you known what blog means? Blog is a media for sharing opinion, tips or news in the internet that is written or it is shared through the words and sentence. However, vlog or vlogging is same with blog that is a media for sharing opinionn tips or news but it is not through a written sentence.

Vlllog as we known is a video blogging, is a video contains informations shared by the author. Through the video, we will both visualllly and audibly understand the purpose of information shared by the author. That we have already known that vlogging is a very fresh phenomenon which people try to use it right now, the factor of smartphone is significance. We need to use the best smartphone for vlogging in order to make a good vlog. With the best smar…

Best Smartphone for Photography

Best Smartphone for Photography. Today, photography is a fenomenon that everybody should do in order to be exist in social medias. When we see the instagram, facebook or even in the whatsap story, every single person competes to share their latest experience, their newest activity and many more. It is caused by the needs that in this era, photography is such like a must for everybody in the word. Supported by the camera that a smartphone is surely involving this apparatus for photography. And the smartphones are right now also competing for being the best smartphone for photography.

It also makes a new phenomenon seen for everyone who has a smartphone that the function of their smartphone is not for communication anymore but the photography using their camera is the main use of a smartphone. Then now, every single smartphone that is currently launched includes very high specification of apparatus camera on its. So, everybody now can choose what smartphone is the best for them in case …

iphone 7 Price and Specification in January 2018

Apple has chosen to consistently continue to feature sophisticated and high-end phones in the world market with innovations and high-quality product designs. As usually, Apple set a high price when compared with other brands. In fact, despite the latest iPhone products such as iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and iPhone 10 have been launched, old products like the iPhone 7 is still sold in the market. hence the iPhone 7 price and specification is still relevant for re-talked.

iPhone 7 Specification
Of course that iPhone 7 price and specifications more complete and higher than the previous series. So’ let's talk about the iPhone 7 specification.
iPhone 7 has 4.7 inch wide however, the quality of LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with a width of 4.7 inch is made with screen quality that does not disappoint. It is equiped with oleo phobic coating protection. This iPhone model has an IOS-based operating system type iOS 10. Equipped with Apple A10 chipset and supported with the use of 2 GB RA.

As always, t…

iphone 8 Price and Specification 2018

On Tuesday September 12th 2017, iPhone 8 was born in Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park Campus, Cupertino, United States local time or around Wednesday September 13th 2017 in Indonesian time. The iPhone is a renewal of the iPhone 7 that has been released since the previous year. iphone 8 Price and Specification does not have much change from the previous iPhone 7. The changes are only on more significant specifications and features.

iPhone 8 Specification
iPhone 8 rely on A11 processor that 6 core with 64-bit design. Meanwhile, its CPU performance is 70 percent faster than the A10 and its GPU is 25 percent better. And for the camera, this type of iPhone still carries a single 12-megapixel camera.
The full specifications of the iPhone 8 are for its dimensions, about 138.4mm x 67.3 x 7.3 mm with a weight of 148 g. For the screen that is 4.7-inch LCD display, 1334 x 750 resolution, 326 ppi density, and maximum brightness 625 cd / m2 (Retina HD display); processor owned by six-core A11 Bionic,…

Best Smartphone Phone for Camera in 2018

The emergence of social media makes the world of photography more widespread and affordable for all circles. This time, to be able to produce good photos do not necessarily have to use a digital camera because these needs have been fulfilled at once in your smartphone. Although the resolution of the resulting image is certainly different from digital cameras, DSLR for example.

Because of the increasing need for the camera from day to day, various smartphone companies compete to offer best smartphone phone for camera that continue to be improved both in resolution and digital camera performance. However, not all smartphones have good camera features. Smartphones with good camera features typically have average ratings with high ratings, and average high-megapixel camera specifications accompanied by special imaging features.

Four Smartphones Offering the Best Camera Features
1. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Both have excellent main camera sensors especially supported with amazing softw…