Best Smartphone for Music

Best Smartphone for music. For you the music lovers, did you know that nowadays there are 1500 genre of music? Some of them are familiar for us like rap, disco, classic, rock, jaz, pop and many others. Based on survey, in this technology era, most of people listen the music through the smartphone. There are many factors that smartphone is the best smartphone for music so that the music can be enjoyed through the smartphone. Approximately 11 components must be considered when we want to have best smartphone for music that all of them determine how the music can sound good in our ears.

There are many things that can influence the soft sound while listening music in gadget for example the Equalizer setting, headphone, and others. When a smartphone provides all of the components, it can make sure the smartphone is the best smartphone for music.
For the best smartphone for music, here are 4 most recommended smartphones that have all of the components. By the components, the musics listened sound good and satisfy our ears and make the smartphone be the best smartphone for music. Best smartphones for music are the following:

First best smartphone for music is LG V2o. LG V2o is especially designed for the music lover. It carries the capability 32-bit quad of DAC, loud speaker and strong AMP headphone that can make this smartphone is your best smartphone for music. Furthermore, this smartphonnes suports audio jack 3,5 mm and USB type-c, audio losless and able to play the music in 32 bit at 384 KHZ. It is not doubtful that this smartphone is the best smartphone for music.

HTC 10
HTC 10 is second recomended best smartphone for music. It carries its own specification such like the quaity of AMP headphone and HTC BoomSound to replace Beats sound that previously used by HTC to make sure that this smartphoe is best smartphone for music. BoomSound itself having the function that able to increase three main ccomponents of experience in listening music. The main components are loud and clear sound, finer vocal and intensife bass sound. This would make the experience in listen music be better through this best smartphone for music.

LG V10
Next recomended best smartphone for music is LG V10. The audio quality of this smartphone is very high and make sure that this is one of the best smartphones for music. even it is launched a couple years ago, the offer of music experience is one of the best. This smartphone for music is not experience crosstalk stereo, expand frequency respons and having the low signal-to-noise ratio when we play the music using it. When we play a very loud music, we will hear a very minimum audible hissing that make the sound still hear clear. This is one of the best smartphone for music.

ZTE Axon 7
Best smartphone for music especially designed for listening music is ZTE Axon 7. This smartphone has audio codec custom to play the hi-fi music. Also this smartphone carries DAC dedicated and AMP combo for your best experience in listening music. Furthermore, this smartphone is best smartphone for music since it has the high-end audio hardware quality. So you must own this for your best smartphone for music.