Best Smartphone for Photography

Best Smartphone for Photography. Today, photography is a fenomenon that everybody should do in order to be exist in social medias. When we see the instagram, facebook or even in the whatsap story, every single person competes to share their latest experience, their newest activity and many more. It is caused by the needs that in this era, photography is such like a must for everybody in the word. Supported by the camera that a smartphone is surely involving this apparatus for photography. And the smartphones are right now also competing for being the best smartphone for photography.

It also makes a new phenomenon seen for everyone who has a smartphone that the function of their smartphone is not for communication anymore but the photography using their camera is the main use of a smartphone. Then now, every single smartphone that is currently launched includes very high specification of apparatus camera on its. So, everybody now can choose what smartphone is the best for them in case of the best smartphone for photography.

 Best smartphone for photography is having the specification that everbody must know in order to buy the best smartphone for photography. The specification of the best smartphone for photography seen by its apparatus cameras’ specifications are the following:

Camera Image Sensor
Digital camera uses the camera image sensor to make a picture from the real object to be biased through the sensor until the picture is saved as an image in the gallery. The bigger camera image sensor, will be better for best smartphone for photography. So, choose the smartphone with big number of camera image sensor for the best smartphone for photography.

Image Resolution
For the best smartphone for photography, image resolution or we commonly call as megapixel camera should also be considered. When we see the image with the high image resolution, the image will look clear and look like real. Choosing the smartphone with higher image resolution will make you have the best smartphone for photography.

The Lens
Lens is important in the camera. To have the best smartphone for photography, lens will decide whether the objects we shoot are resulting the good image or not. The most important thing of lens is that the value of f (capability in focus power) or its apperture. Having smartphone with f/2.4 is medium smarthphone for photography. However, having smartphone with f/2 is good for photography. So if we would have the best smartphone for photography, we can see the detail appended in the box of smartphone before we buy.

Manual Exposure Control
Last but not least when we want to buy best smartphone for photography is the manual exposure control. It is fun when we can set our camera for various mode of photography right? When we have the best camera for photography, the smartphone must be providing the feature that we may change the setting of apperture, shutter speed and ISO manually. With the features, we can be creativ in taking an image so that we can be have fun in photography with our smartphone.