Best Smartphone for Video

Best smartphone for video. Smartphone camera has sucessfully changed the photography. Almost all of the smartphone now provides the camera. Not only a standard camera but the advance camera with its features that satisfy every users. Furthermore, camera does not function only as photography for taking picture, but now it may allow the users to make a good resolution of video. Yes! A video now can be made through both front and back camera that the users can use based on their needs.

As the camera has experiencing a very advance development, front camera is now completed by the excelences that can make the users satisfied in recording their selfs’ videos. It is then not surprisingly that the smartphones now compete to give a very advanced camera technology to be the best smartphone for video. In the early 2018, it is a good begining to be trying a new experience in our activity using our smartphone for making a video to share our ideas and opinion. It is also to keep our self to be the same with others that most of people now having fun with their self using their smartphone for making video. So you may need informations what best smartphone for video.

For best smartphone for video in this early 2018 here are the recomended smartphone you may own. With a very advanced technology of camera, using these smartphones will be your best smartphone for video. The best smartphones for video are the following:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
First recomended best smartphone for video in this early 2018 is samsung galaxy note 8. This smartphone is completed by the advance double camera sensor. With this smartphone, many cool experiences can we create for our video with very high resolution such as fading the background, tele lens, speed of capturing the objects and of course the video resolution and the clearness of the result of video. This smartphone is very recommended for your best smartphone for video. For further information, the longer use of battery and deep screen resolution will satisfy you in making video through this best smartphone for video.

Apple Iphone X
In this early 2018, your new year resolution can be granted by the apple iphone x for your best smartphone for video. With the best ever front and back camera from the apple brand, this will be your best camera for video. Double camera sensor behind the flash allow you to record an amazing video in bright or dim light and also able to maintain the natura colour of the objects in your video. So this smartphone is amazing with its feature and may be your best smartphone for video ever.

Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL
The next best smartphone for video in early 2018 is google pixel series. Google pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl are both having the same main camera sensor and supported by the amazing software for video or photography that can be your best smartphone for video in 2018. Moreover, both of the smartphones are also completed by the waterproof and active edge that make sure these two are the best smartphone for video you should own.

Samsung Galazy S8 and S8 plus
Last but not least recomended best smartphone for video is both samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus. These android smartphones provide the infinity display screen with 5.8 inches for s8 and 6.2 inches for s8 plus that will satisfy you in watching the result of video. Furthermore, these are best smartphone for video since they are completed by iris scanner and digital bixby that will support your safety for your best smartphone for video. For your best smartphone for video in 2018, own one of these galaxy s8 series is spectacular.