Best Smartphone Phone for Camera in 2018

The emergence of social media makes the world of photography more widespread and affordable for all circles. This time, to be able to produce good photos do not necessarily have to use a digital camera because these needs have been fulfilled at once in your smartphone. Although the resolution of the resulting image is certainly different from digital cameras, DSLR for example.

Because of the increasing need for the camera from day to day, various smartphone companies compete to offer best smartphone phone for camera that continue to be improved both in resolution and digital camera performance. However, not all smartphones have good camera features. Smartphones with good camera features typically have average ratings with high ratings, and average high-megapixel camera specifications accompanied by special imaging features.

Four Smartphones Offering the Best Camera Features
1. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Both have excellent main camera sensors especially supported with amazing software. Both smartphones can take a good photo portrait despite having only one lens. In addition, this smartphone features waterproofing and active edge.
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This smartphone is considered to be one of the best camera smartphones because it has a sophisticated double camera is also impressive. Some things we can find from this camera that is like a telephoto lens, background is blurred, the speed of shooting, and photos produced sharp and clear. Another plus that is in the battery that can last longer.
3. Iphone X. Front camera and rear camera owned by Apple gives the best offer. The dual rear camera sensor is capable of capturing stunning images despite bright or low light and is capable of producing natural colors. Meanwhile, the front camera is capable of producing clear selfie photos.
4. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Although it has long been launched even since the beginning of last year, this smartphone is still relevant to be said as one of the best smartphone until now. The reason, this smartphone comes with an infinity display screen display size 5.8 Inch for S8, and 6.2 inch for S8 Plus. In addition, the S8 battery has a power of 3,000 mAh, and the S8 Plus has a power of 3300 mAh. Not stopping there, both have advanced features such as face recognition, and Bixby digital assistant, as well as iris scanner. Especially for S8 Plus equipped with additional features that have 4 GB of RAM and powered by Exynos 8895 processor.
Those several best smartphone phone for camera in 2018.

Looking Back 4 Best Smartphone Cameras in Previous Year.

1. Google Pixel. This smartphone has the best overall camera, and in every lighting condition has a relatively low noise. The rest, this smartphone is able to provide accurate exposure with white balance and good contrast plus autofocus fast.

2. Iphone 7 Plus. This type of smartphone is known as the best photography smartphone with dual rear camera feature that is able to do 2x optical zoom.
3. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. These two types are known for smartphones that have the fastest cameras making it possible to take pictures many times.
4. HTC 10. This smartphone is very capable in terms of capturing texture and autofocus seta is considered best in terms of recording motion pictures. HTC 10 carries the technology "Ultra Pixel 2" which each pixel reaches 1.55 microns 1 / 1.8 Well, those are best smartphone phone for camera in 2016 until 2018. So, what will you buy?