The Dazling Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Spesification

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge spesification. Samsung is a leading mobile phone company from ginseng country, south korea. Various series have been launched by this company. One of the most popular series is the Galaxy S. Since its inception in 2010, smarthpone with galaxy S series has almost the same design.

The New Material Of Galaxy S Series
This type has many features. The material used is plastic. It is far behind with other smarthphone products. The reason other products have begun to replace plastic with metal material.
As a result, samsung is often criticized by some smarthphone users. In the end, Samsung began to fade from its establishment. It is characterized by the appearance of samsung galaxy S6 for Edge edition. This type of smarthphone is very beautiful. The smarthphone body is wrapped in metal with scratch-resistant glass.

Samsung Galaxy S6 for Edge specification is the top model equipped with a curved display on the left and right. It is better than other series of Samsung Galaxy S. The screen elements make it look more beautiful than other S galaxy types that have a conventional flat screen. Beautiful Galaxy S6 Edge was not just on the surface, but also spread to other aspects of the Android smartphone. It can be said beautiful inside.

Charming Appereance of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S6 Edge is a stunning smartphone. His body has a groove that is wrapped in glass Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and rear. Samsung has managed to whitewash its shell. This smartphone has a variety of striking metallic color choices, such as emerald green, or gold-platinum. Different from its predecessors, Galaxy S6 For Edge ediiton applying the concept of unibody so as not to have the back cover that can be removed.
Although different from its predecessors, Galaxy S6 for  Edge edition still apply a more or less similar button layout. On the right side there is the power button, while the volume adjustment key is on the left. The home button is at the bottom of the screen as usual, flanked by softbutton "escape" and multitasking.
On the lower side, adjacent to the home button, Galaxy S6 for Edge edition  owners can find a micro-USB connector port and 3.5 mm audio jack, along with a speaker grill.

The bottom of Galaxy S6 Edge. From this angle the screen appears curved on the left and right so as to reduce the thickness of metal frames on the fringes compared to Galaxy S6.
This device does not have a removable back cover to access the battery compartment and SIM / micro-SD slot. Instead, the SIM (nano) slot is placed at the top, in a small drawer that must be opened with the help of a special tool or a plain paperclip. The micro-SD slot was not found because it is absent from the Galaxy S6 Edge.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge specifiaction screen spans are standard for the current smartphone size. Super AMOLED screen that has a high resolution set at 2560x1440 numbers (quad-HD) so that the various display on the screen looks very sharp and brilliant.